Logistics Assistant

1. Objective: 

Responsible for analyzing and coordinating the storage, distribution and
transportation of goods from the manufacturing facilities, to the warehouses, and then
to final destinations designated by MTE.

2. Primary activities and tasks include the following, other duties may be assigned:

  • Oversee the transportation, inventory and shipment of products from other brother companies within Meita group, its customers and suppliers.
  • Deal with all imports, exports, and customs related activities for MTE.
  • Handle technical details relating to possibly international transportation, such as customs regulations and any necessary documentation.
  • Required to efficiently evaluate the costs of transportation, services and inventory within any budget or distribution strategy.
  • Develop business relationships with suppliers, customers and transportation companies
  • Negotiate contracts and often help improve shipment speed and efficiency, while trying to reduce cost.
  • Needs to understand the needs and requirements of Serbian customs and the best method of meeting those needs.
  • Build relationships with Logistics mediators and work closely with package engineers to ensure the protection of freight in transportation.
  • Documentation and organization is important – any changes to operating procedures, prioritization or any problems must be documented and communicated accurately.
  • Responsible for the route movement of outgoing and incoming freight shipments at train, trucking and airline terminals and at shipping docks
  • Negotiates the transport of goods with vendors and freight companies.
  • Scan or enter all shipments into a computer system, calculate freight and postal rates, inspect and count all items processed through a shipping dock, and later verify items against each invoice.
  • Reports timely and accurately to his/her superior and is responsible for data accuracy;
  • Adhering to ethical principles of the profession and acting in accordance with
  • company policies and procedures;
  • Performing other duties within their education at the request of the immediate superior;

  • 3. Reporting Responsibilities:
  • This position reports to Supply Chain Manager

4. Department: Logistics Department

5. Supervisory Responsibilities:

This position has supervisory responsibilities.

6. Education and/or Experience, Certificates:

University- Faculty of Transportation Belgrade.

7. Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent Fluent English speak/write/read/listen B2-C1-C2
  • Have a knowledge of national and international import/export legislation and must be able to effectively troubleshoot any issues that may arise in international freight transportation.
  • Hold any relevant qualifications and systems training associated with Logistics
  • Management, as well as experience in the Logistics sector.
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks all with an attention to fine detail.
  • Negotiation skills

(Some of the following skills and abilities may be acquired through additional training, but
the employee must be able to demonstrate the capacity to obtain these requirements
before being placed in this position)